Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance of Precious Cargo
  • Custom Clearance of Diamonds, Color Stones & Jewellery – Studded & Non Studded, Gold & Silver (DTA-Domestic Tariff Area only) at Precious Cargo Customs Clearance Center (PCCCC), Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB), BKC, Bandra, Mumbai
  • Custom Clearance of Diamonds & Jewellery – Studded & Non Studded, Gold & Silver (DTA only) at Surat Hira Bourse (SHB), Surat
  • Custom Clearance of Diamonds, Color Stone &Jewellery – Studded, Gold & Silver; at SEEPZ – Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Andheri, Mumbai
  • Custom Clearance of Diamonds, Color Stone & Jewellery – Studded, Gold & Silver; at SUR SEZ – Special Economic Zone, Sachin, Surat
Customs Clearance of General Cargo
  • Custom Clearance of goods from Air Cargo Complex, Andheri, Mumbai; pertaining to Machineries, Accessories, Tools, Consumables and other related goods of Diamonds, Gems and Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Custom Clearance of goods from Air Cargo Complex, Andheri, Mumbai; pertaining to Watches, Prima Art Frames & Accessories related to the same
  • Customs clearance and relevant other work stated hereinabove in case of import By Sea at both ports of Mumbai i.e. Nhava Sheva (JNPT) and Mumbai Port Trust. (BPT)

Freight Bookings IATA (Cargo) Agents

Customs Clearance of Precious Cargo
  • Approved IATA Cargo Agency since 1994
  • Freight booking of precious and general cargo shipments with all major International and Domestic Airlines
  • Freight booking of precious cargo with courier companies for International Shipments

Allied Services

Overseas Shows
  • Getting permission from GJEPC on behalf of the Customer for exporting and re-import the same to & from respectively, from any overseas show / Trade Fair.
  • Preparation of Documents for custom clearance on behalf of customers for export and re import of goods sent overseas for Shows / Trade Fairs.
Diamond Certification:
Custom Clearance of export & re-import of Loose Diamonds sent overseas to a lab for certification.
ATA Carnet Approval
  • Assisting Customers on getting ATA Carnet permission from FICCI by preparing documents and various letters and thereby submitting the same to FICCI
  • Customs Clearance of export and re-import thereafter or import and re-export thereafter i.e. temporary movement of goods for exhibition overseas or in India respectively under ATA Carnet Convention.
Application for EPCG and Clearance under EPCG
  • Import Clearance under EPCG (Export Promotion Capital Goods) Scheme.
  • Guidance to importers who are manufacturer-exporters for obtaining EPCG license.
  • Registration of EPCG license. Submission of installation certificate against such registered license. Submission of EODC (Export Obligation Discharge Certificate) along with other documents for cancellation of Bond/B.G.
Clearance Under REP License
  • Custom Clearance under REP (Replenishment) license for duty free import of consumables.
Other Allied Services
  • Interaction with Chartered Engineers in case of import of Second Hand Goods.
  • Interaction with Wild Life Authorities in case of items covered under Wild Life Protections Rules and Regulations.
  • Clearance of goods pertaining to plants, drugs, chemicals, eatables after obtaining necessary permissions form relevant authorities like Plant Quarantine, Drug Controller, FSSAI, etc.
  • Handling and forwarding import cleared either by Air or by Sea onward to importers through Surface or Air transport.